Kerri S. Barile, Ph.D., RPA
President/Principal Investigator

Dr. Barile has comprehensive professional experience in the fields of archaeology, architectural history, historic research, and cultural resource management (CRM). She has directed the excavation of a wide array of archaeological sites and has recorded and researched an abundance of historic buildings, structures, districts, and objects in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., among others. She has written and contributed to more than 300 CRM reports and taught university courses in historic preservation and preservation law, architectural history, and archaeology. She has also published numerous professional articles on her studies, including articles in Historical Archaeology, The Journal of Fredericksburg History, and several National Register of Historic Places nominations.

Michael L. Carmody, MA, RPA
Vice President/Principal Investigator

Mr. Carmody has considerable experience in the field of archaeology and cultural resource management with a focus on archaeology in the transportation and energy sectors within recent years. He has directed excavations of a wide array of archaeological sites in Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and has written and contributed extensively to CRM reports. His current responsibilities at Dovetail include managerial and technical tasks associated with archaeological assessments and Phase I, II and III excavations, and consultation with and representation of clients before state and national review agencies. Additionally, Mr. Carmody serves as business manager for Dovetail.

Project Staff

Joseph Blondino
Field Director

Mr. Blondino’s substantial experience in archaeology in the Mid-Atlantic region includes academia and cultural resource management. His experience ranges from survey and site identification to data recovery excavation on archaeological sites in Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania. Although his primary academic training is as an archaeologist, he has extensive training in geology, geomorphology, and soil science.

Varna Boyd, MA, RPA
Senior Project Manager

Ms. Boyd has extensive professional experience in design, management, and technical execution of historical and archaeological investigations. She has managed reconnaissance and intensive investigations on prehistoric and historic sites throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Ms. Boyd also has experience in complying with federal, state, and local regulations, and has successfully worked with State Historic Preservation Offices to develop work plans and create Memoranda of Agreement and Programmatic Agreements for cultural resources management projects.

Melissa Butler, MHP
Field Director

Ms. Butler’s experience includes knowledge in a variety of historic resources across time periods, from 1798 direct tax inventories to 1960s ranch houses. She has experience and training in architectural survey through archival research, photography, measured drawing, and more. She is trained in many aspects of historic preservation.

Emily Calhoun, MA, RPA
Report Manager

Ms. Calhoun’s professional experience in the field of archaeology includes working in a wide range of geographic and archaeological settings at sites in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Dakota, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Colorado. She is a registered professional archaeologist and serves as Dovetail’s archaeological report manager and is responsible for assuring that reports and other written media meet internal and external quality control procedures.

Kerry S. González, MA, RPA
Lab Manager/Project Archaeologist

Ms. González’s tremendous professional experience in the field of archaeology and historical research and has participated in a wide array of excavations in Virginia, Kansas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, and New York. As lab director, Ms. González manages the laboratory and assures quality control over the process of washing artifacts, detailed artifact identification and analysis, coordinating with project managers on deadlines, and preparing collections for final curation.

D. Brad Hatch, Ph.D., RPA
Archaeological Division Manager

Dr. Hatch has a wealth of experience in the field of archaeology working in private, public, and academic settings. His responsibilities at Dovetail include the analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of archaeological sites and the production of reports for all phases of archaeological investigations.  Dr. Hatch’s experience includes archaeological investigations in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, and Tennessee on sites ranging in date from the Late Archaic period through the twentieth century.


Bill Liebeknecht, MA, RPA
Project Archaeologist

Mr. Liebeknecht’s abundant experience includes writing and implementing cultural resource management (CRM) research designs. He has worked on CRM projects in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania and has directed numerous archaeological surveys and excavations on prehistoric and historic sites, with a focus on the material culture of the Middle Atlantic Region. At Dovetail, Mr. Liebeknecht also assists in marketing and business development in addition to his primary role as an archaeologist, conducting excavations and authoring reports for all phases of excavations.

Kevin McCloskey
Field Director

Mr. McCloskey’s immense professional experience in the field of archaeology, as it relates to cultural resource management, has given him the opportunity to work on Phase I, II and III projects, in a wide range of geographic and archaeological settings at archaeological sites in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Florida, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Curtis McCoy, MS, RPA
GIS Manager/Project Archaeologist

Mr. McCoy’s comprehensive professional experience in the fields of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Adobe products, Archaeology, and Geomorphology has given him the opportunity to work in a wide range of geographic and demographic settings in both Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, and Peru. His expertise in graphics is a distinct asset to Dovetail in report generation.

Adriana Moss
Architectural Historian

Ms. Moss has considerable experience in many preservation-related fields including architectural history, archaeology, and historic research. Prior to joining the architectural history staff here at Dovetail, Ms. Moss served as the archaeology lab assistant. Her vast knowledge in both above- and below-ground resources make her a great addition to the architectural history staff.

Danae Peckler, MHP
Architectural Historian

Ms. Peckler has extensive professional experience in the field of historic preservation working in the private, public, and academic sectors. Her responsibilities include technical tasks associated with primary and secondary source research, oral histories, reconnaissance and intensive architectural assessments, as well as cultural landscape interpretation and evaluation. Her experience includes cultural resource investigations in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Delaware, and Kentucky.

Jonas Schnur
Crew Chief

Mr. Schnur has been working in CRM since 2013. During that time he has had the opportunity to work on phase I, II, and III projects. Mr. Schnur has worked in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, North Carolina, Illinois, and Missouri.




Heather D. Staton, MHP
Architectural History Division Manager

Ms. Staton’s professional experience in the fields of historic research, architectural history, and cultural resource management has provided her the opportunity to work in a wide range of geographic locations including Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Delaware, and Kentucky. She is key author on several cultural resource reports and while at Dovetail has led several reconnaissance and intensive architectural surveys, archival research projects, and National Register of Historic Places nominations.

Caitlin Sylvester, MHP
Architectural Historian/GIS Technician

Ms. Sylvester has training and experience in conducting reconnaissance and intensive architectural surveys through the use of photography and documentation, as well as with archival and historical research. She is proficient in a range of computer programs such as ArcGIS, Adobe Illustrator, and InDesign. Her master’s thesis involved an architectural evaluation, archival research, and GIS analysis of Germantown—an early-eighteenth century German community in Virginia.



Mical Tawney, MA
Field Director

Ms. Tawney has extensive archival and historic research experience, including working with a variety of primary and secondary resources ranging from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. Her training at the University of Virginia taught her how to conduct field work at a variety of levels; her studies focused on early American art and architectural history. In addition to her experience conducting research, Ms. Tawney has several years of museum experience, both in an educational and curatorial capacity. She also has a working knowledge of Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Rhino.


Katherine Watts, MA
Field Director

Ms. Watts has varied archival and historic research experience, including working with deeds, plats, wills, and probate inventories ranging from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. She has completed fieldwork and research in several states on the east coast, including Virginia and South Carolina. In addition to her extensive familiarity with conducting in-depth research and assisting with National Register of Historic Places nominations, Ms. Watts brings a knowledge of enhanced technologies, such as 3D laser scanning, ground-penetrating radar, and photogrammetry, to Dovetail.

Administrative Staff

Nicki Sauvageau, MA, MBA
Operations Manager

In addition to a background in operations management, Ms. Sauvageau has considerable  professional experience in archaeology and cultural resource management, performing and supervising all phases of archaeological fieldwork in Alaska, California, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, and Virginia, and has authored and coauthored numerous cultural resource management reports. Her responsibilities at Dovetail include day-to-day management of company operations, including HR administration, hiring, finance and accounting, and business planning.

Alina D’Isidoro
Financial Assistant

As Dovetail’s financial assistant, Ms. D’Isidoro is the key personnel for the preparation of invoices. She has worked with billing for Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Delaware as well as a variety of individual clients. Ms. D’Isidoro has experience in office management and in the field as a project coordinator. Additional duties include human resources, account reconciliation, State and Federal certifications and registration, and management of day to day operations.